Quote Requests
Due to the custom nature of the service being provided, some businesses cannot provide pricing to their clients without first collecting information on the requirements of the job. The booking form can be configured to help you collect this information so that you can quickly quote the client. This is the Quote Requests functionality within our platform. Let's see how it works.

Step 1
Configure the online booking form

Configure the booking form as per normal for your website. This will involve defining your primary services as well as any optional add-ons that you offer.

Our video tutorials will walk you through this process step-by-step.

Step 2
Enable the 'quote requests' functionality

Enable the 'Quote Requests' functionality for your booking form. Enabling this setting will:
  • Allow clients to select the services that they are interested, the timeslot that they want, and provide their contact information as well as any other special requirements of the job
  • Prevent the client from seeing pricing on your booking form
  • Allow the client to upload photos of the required work
Upon submission of the quote request, the client will be informed that their request will be reviewed and that your company will respond to their inquiry with more information.

Step 3
Review quote requests submitted online

You'll be notified by email when someone submits a quote request on your website. A listing of outstanding quote requests are available on your dashboard.

Step 4
Review and action the quote request

Review the quote request including photos that the client has uploaded.

Following your review of the quote request, you'll have the option of copying the request to a quotation or copying the request to a future-dated work order and appointment.

Copying to Quotation

Copying a quote request to a quotation will create a quotation and attach your base prices to the services requested. You can modify the pricing or keep the prices as is. Then, with the click of a button, you can send the quotation off to the client for approval.

Copying to a Future-Dated Work Order/Appointment

If you've spoken to the client about the request and they are happy with the price discussed, simply convert the quote request to an work order/appointment so that it is scheduled in your calendar.

Step 5
Approval of the quotation

If you've copied the quote request to a quotation, the client can approve or reject the quotation via the online quote form or from within the client portal.

Approval of the quotation will secure a spot in the calendar for the job.
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