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Hi, I'm Jason

I’m a Chartered Professional Accountant, software developer, and founder of PageSmack. PageSmack was founded under the premise that website building for service-based businesses could be simplified. Since its founding, PageSmack has become so much more than a website builder.

Leaning on years of experience, we’ve built a platform that covers many areas of your service business. Our platform will assist with marketing and client acquisition while providing you with the tools necessary to manage your finances. We’ve integrated all of this into our industry-leading scheduling system that can automatically and intelligently schedule your employees to jobs mere seconds after they’ve been booked.

PageSmack Stands for Quality

At PageSmack, we understand the importance of quality in the work that you do. We understand for the simple reason that quality work is an obsession of ours. Delivering high quality products is not just our mantra. We live this approach each day in the way that we serve our clients, listen to their needs, and improve our platform to satisfy those needs.

PageSmack Drives for Efficiency

In business, opportunities abound. Deciding on what not to do is sometimes just as important as deciding what to do. At PageSmack, we’re focused on building tools that will enhance your existing processes, save you time, and get you more clients. This focus prevents us from building features that only serve to lengthen our feature list and complicate our platform. Our focus has allowed us to build software that is intuitive and fully featured in all the right places.

PageSmack is About People

As a user of our platform, as far as we’re concerned, you’re family. Reach out to us with ideas for what we can do better and we’ll do the same for you. If we notice that your logo should be resized, you’re using conflicting colors on your website, or you’re not taking advantage of a feature that would undoubtedly save you time, we’ll reach out.

Thank you for taking the time to read about what makes us tick. We look forward to working with you!


Jason Howard
Founder, PageSmack

About Us
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