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Conventional site builders utilize 'drag and drop' functionality, which can be great for customization. Unfortunately, many of these site builders present several challenges for the average user.


While drag and drop editors provide array of design tools, often, the user often needs to have design skills in order to produce a professional looking site.


Outside of pictures, drag and drop site builders do little to aid the user in populating their site with meaningful content.


Selecting a new template often requires the user to re-add and redesign many of the elements that they’ve already created.

Device Compatibility

Many drag and drop site builders are not compatible with tables or mobile devices.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Drag and drop builders often struggle to produce high scores in the area of SEO.

The Solution

PageSmack solves these issues with a novel solution to site creation. Rather than asking users to design their own webpage, we asks users to:
  • Select their industry,
  • Select a template and color palette,
  • Add information (eg. contact information, testimonials, services, pricing, and pictures) via easy to use web forms.
This process is fast and instantly creates a pixel perfect website for your business that is designed to turn visitors into customers. Your website will be populated with industry default write-ups, which you can add to, modify, or remove entirely. Editing your website is just as easy as the initial creation process. In fact, at no cost, you can switch to an entirely different template with the click of a button and maintain pixel perfect design.

With our site builder, PageSmack has created a process that is fast, SEO compliant, and produces a quality product regardless of your design or writing abilities.
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