Scheduling is complicated. Very complicated, but you already knew that. We’ve developed a scheduling solution like no other so that you can spend less time managing your employees and more time growing your business.

It starts with either an online booking or the creation of an invoice. Each of these events will automatically create an ‘unscheduled’ job in your calendar. If you have auto-scheduling enabled, this advanced process will evaluate many different factors to determine if the job can be automatically scheduled to one of your teams and, if it can be, will schedule the job to the most appropriate team.

Regardless of whether or not the job is auto-scheduled, you have the ability to schedule or unschedule the job using our easy-to-use scheduling system.
Our scheduler provides you with all the information you need to schedule your staff and teams for work that have been booked. It outlines your teams regular working hours, unscheduled jobs, jobs that have been scheduled, and also other events that you’ve manually set, such as vacation.

Removing a team member from a job or adding a team member to a job can literally be done in 2 seconds and because we know that many of our clients work in the field with their teams, our scheduling software works as well on phones and tablets as it does on desktop.

In addition to scheduling, our platform allow allows you to view the calendars of individual teams and employees.
If your employees use the 'check in' and 'check out' functionality within the employee portal, you'll be able to see which jobs have been started (light green bars) and which jobs have been finished (dark green bars).
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