Online Checkout
Payment flexibility is key in closing orders with your customers. During the configuration of your PageSmack-powered booking form, you’ll be able to select one the following options:
  1. Allow customer to pay online during checkout
  2. Allow customer to indicate a payment method
  3. Allow customer to pay online during checkout or indicate another payment method
If you’re allowing the customer to pay online during checkout, a further option will be provided. You can either:
  • Charge the customer’s payment card when they submit the order or,
  • Collect the payment card information when they submit the order (and not charge at the time of order)
If you opt to only collect the customer’s payment card details at the time of order, this will be explicitly indicated on the payment page.
Then, once the job has been completed, you can go into the invoice an charge the client's card with one click.
All processing of online payments and storage of payment card information on our platform is facilitated by Stripe, the world’s most trusted online payment processer. Sign up for a Stripe account is free and takes mere minutes. Their fees are $0.30 and 2.9% per successful transaction.


As a matter of security and policy, PageSmack does not store critical payment card information on its servers. For information on how Stripe, the world's largest online payment processor, allows you to securely process transactions using our platform, please see this help article.
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