Employee Portal
The employee portal provides your employees' with all of the information that they need to excel in their positions and provide stellar customer service.

The portal homepage indicates the current and next day's working schedule, blog posts, and jobs that they are scheduled to for today, including the names of clients, addresses, team members working those same jobs, and client contact information.
Employee Portal
All the tools that your employees need to deliver world-class service.

Employees can view their scheduled work hours as well as specific jobs and events that they've been assigned to.
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Job Information
Employees can see details on job assignments, check in and out of the job, and view a map of its location..
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Team Information
Employees can see who is on their team and, with the appropriate permissions set, each team member's phone number.
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'On my Way' Messages
Before a job, employees can send a text message to the customer that indicates that they are on their way.
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Blog Posts
Communicate information to employees by writing blog posts, which will appear on the employee portal homepage.
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Work Orders
Your employees can view work orders for jobs that they are assigned to (permission required).
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Self Scheduling
Simplify scheduling by giving some or all employees the ability to schedule themselves to unscheduled jobs (permission required).
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Job Declines
Employees can decline jobs that have been assigned to them (permission required).
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Job Notes
Employees can view notes that have been made on specific jobs as well as write their own notes on these jobs (permission required).
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Profile Updates
Employees can update core information associated with their profile, including name, contact information, and their picture.
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Employee Permissions
Access to information and functions within the employee portal can be controlled at the employee level.
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Checklists are automatically created for your jobs so that your staff know exactly what has to be done and what has been done.
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