Smart Auto-Scheduling
Even with a few employees, scheduling can get very complex very quickly – teams have different shifts, customers have different team preferences, jobs have varying durations based on the service being provided, and conflicting events need to be accounted for. Given its complexity, this problem is ideally suited for software.

PageSmack has a revolutionary system for scheduling your staff to work that has been booked. Some of the many items that it considers include:
  • Employees’ regular working hours
  • Ranking of teams
  • Number of employees required for the job
  • Employees required for unscheduled jobs
  • Manually created events (eg. vacation)
  • Complex shifts
  • Conflicting events
  • Appointment durations that have been dynamically calculated based on the size of the job
  • Auto-scheduling eligibility of teams and employees on those teams
  • Team preference as per the job
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